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Empathetic and Diligent  

During the pandemic, my eighteen-year-old son had a terrible accident, and because of airbag malfunction, he suffered severe head trauma and healed for over a year. Being a nurse, I immediately understood that with a functioning airbag, the impact could have been non-fatal, so I contacted the attorneys at Attorney SF. Justin was reachable and client-oriented. He quickly explained the statute of limitation and managed my expectations regarding compensation.
The intake process was seamless. I was pleased with the initial consultation, which was free even though the firm hired medical experts to observe the situation. Justin also helped negotiate my payment with the insurance company. Most amazingly was the fact that we got a settlement with the car manufacturer, and it felt like an underdog won the war. I am forever grateful for the diligence, empathy, and Justin’s remarkable timeliness. He did everything he said he would do. 

Anne Laker - Attorney SF Client

They Changed My Life

When I got a job at the insurance firm I used to work, it was a dream-come-true. My employee, who told me to ‘feel comfortable’ during the interview, became all too nice after I got the job. He often found reasons for me to work late, and since he was team head, his positive review of my performance meant everything to me. He became unnecessary flirtatious, and the sexual innuendos continued into my second employment year.
One day, he tried to sleep with me forcefully, and I fought him off. The following day, the company laid me off for being ‘insubordinate.’ I contacted Mike of Attorney SF, and after hearing my story, he was honest about the possible outcome and what I should expect as compensation. Mike spent many hours preparing me for pre-trial deposition. We eventually came to an unbelievable settlement. What’s better? Part of the settlement deal included firing my former superior.  

Emily Dawn - Attorney SF Client